inserted images are cropped in size

Dear Sirs,

I’ve started to write my first book on Scrivener and I’m having some problems inserting images. My book will be a technical book that will use financial charts to display information. I want to insert those images describing certain scenarios.

I’ve managed to insert the images but when I do a print preview, part of the inserted images are cropped preventing me from seeing the full image. I’ve even tried to edit image and change size, but the result is similar.

Doesn’t Scrivener do the resizing of images so that it fits 100% of the page? I thought it would do that. My question is: what is the maximum size I should be using to prevent the cropping images? I am lost, don’t know what to do, images are very important in this book and I want them to be sharp and readable fitting 100% (except left/right margins) of the page.

See attachments to see the problem I am having. Can anyone help me and tell me which sizes I should be using for my images to fit 100% of my page? Doesn’t Scrivener do the resizing of the images once the page setup is changed?

Scrivener screenshot with text + image inserted, it can be seen 100%:

Screenshot using Print Preview, the image is cropped:

Thanks in advance.

I posted this question a few days ago and got no answer, where do I get the support for my problems? There are several administrators but nobody replied to my question. How can I get help to solve this issue?

Nobody is taking care of customer’s issues? :frowning:


It might be that only the preview is broken. Try to export/compile the document and compare the expected image sizes. You might want to contact Customer Support, to report the problem and get further help.