Inserting a cover for the Kindle .mobi

I am having trouble inserting a cover for my Kindle book using Scrivener. I have designed the cover in accordance with the specs, in JPEG form and inserted it in my binder under a new folder. But when I come to compile and hit the cover tab, I get no option for the cover. It says no cover image. How do I get it so I have the option to include a cover?

Many thanks


Do you mean the cover image isn’t available in the pop-up list that says “No Cover” (you have to click on that button to get a list of possible images)?

If not, have you definitely imported the JPG as an image file in the binder, and not just dragged it into a text document? The image’s icon in the binder should be an orange photo to indicate that it is an image document.

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Thanks, worked like a charm.