Inserting a map at the beginning each part

My novel is set up in three parts in the Binder with folders for parts and folders for chapters and documents for scenes. What I am looking for in my compiled ms is a full page that just says Part One, and then a map on the next page, and then a third page to start the first chapter. Same thing on Part Two and Part Three. Not sure how to accomplish this.

If the map is in a Scrivener document, you can treat it just like any other Scrivener document: put it in the appropriate place in the Binder and assign a Section Layout with the page breaks and formatting you want.

I use windows but would assume to this map would have to have a unique section type such as “Maps” and configure each page with that section type and define how want it in layout when set up compile. Should be able to set tag to image and if ebook may want to set image width.

If you want a page break, all you need is a ‘page’ section type (anything with page break as the Separator). There’s nothing special about embedding an image. I’d recommend not embedding it, however. Instead, put the image somewhere outside the Draft/Manuscript and use <$img:imageName> in a text file. Here’s a discussion of the issues and a more complete solution:

managing images in Scrivener

In this case, the maps are small TIFFs (144KB) so I think I can get away with embedding them. So I have dropped the maps into the Binder and that seems to be working OK.
But I have to admit, I am flummoxed by the Section Layout window. After my front matter I want a blank page with “Part One”, nice and big, right in the middle of the page. Then I want my map on a page of its own. Then I want the first chapter.

I’m fairly new to Scrivener although I have written an entire novel in it. Is there a tutorial that covers all those check boxes in the section layouts? They don’t make sense to me.

  • Parts should be a section type; compile it as-is with a page-break Separator.
  • Center the name vertically by adding blank lines; the number depends on page size, etc.
  • Pages should be a section type, also with a page-break. Use that for the map.

Here’s an end-to-end workflow that may be of help:

Chapters, headings

Here’s another, illustrating compilation of a completely different export from the same content:


Thank you. I just watched three tutorials on section layouts. Whew! It’s a lot to take in. I am looking forward to the time when the veil over all these options lifts.


It’s a lot to take in because it encompasses so much flexibility.