Inserting a photo in comments

I tried to insert a photo in the comments (it is a .png) and it appeared to work but the photo itself did not appear. Using MacOs, Sierra. Is this possible–I don’t want it in the body of the manuscript, it’s just for my own reference. Thank you

No, comments do not support images. You can insert images into the notes area for reference, though, or you can import them into the project and have them as document bookmarks.

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If you have one image that refers to, illustrates or inspires a certain scene, you can also put it in the Synopsis, where you can choose between showing a text or an image.

You can also wrap images in inline annotations in the main editor, if you would prefer them to be located with the text they pertain to. Unlike comments, annotations have most of the editing tools available to ordinary text.

Thanks Keith

Appreciate this KB!

Amber, I’ll give this a try, thank you!