Inserting Asterisks on Compile

I tried the manual, but the descriptions didn’t match what I was seeing in my own Windows version, so here I am.

I need to insert an asterisk between page-breaked Text Files. I’ve tried using the Default compile option → Separators → Text Files, and then Separator between sections, and inserting the asterisks there, but then I don’t get a page break. If I choose page break I get the break I want, but not the asterisks. I tried changing all the Section Layouts in the Separators to asterisks and going to the Section Layouts itself and inserting asterisks into the prefix and suffix, but still no asterisks.

So how do I insert both a page break and asterisks between Text Files?

You have the right approach there, but I am not sure why it isn’t working for you. The prefix for a section and the separators have nothing to do with each other, and shouldn’t modify each other’s behaviour.

This test project may help you spot where things aren’t set up right in your Format: (154.6 KB)

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Thanks for the reply! I played around with the zip and my project, and discovered that there’s something wonky with my old story. Dragging the chapter text files into the asterisks_on_break project separates them and insert the asterisks just fine. Importing the asterisks_on_break compile into the old project does absolutely nothing (no breaks or asterisks appear). I honestly have no idea what’s wrong other than maybe the project’s ancient status is interfering with the compile. . .somehow.

I’ve attached the original project as a zip with the asterisks compile format included in the hopes somebody can see something I’m completely missing.

1 - Vampire (213.1 KB)

Thanks. Is this perhaps an earlier version of the test project? It doesn’t appear to be set up yet at all, and is currently using the “Default” compile format, which of course won’t have your Layout with the asterisks. I don’t see the sample I made, that you said you imported, which is another reason why this seems like maybe an older test.

The age of the project shouldn’t matter, incidentally.

Reuploaded. Issues still same as previous post.

1 - Vampire (212.2 KB)

Okay, that’s still set to compile using “Default”, which would explain a lot if that is what you are trying. But if I go into the “Imported Scrivener v1 Settings” format you made, I see it still isn’t set up to use the “Asterisk” Layout—so the result will be much like Default, just raw output, as the yellow warning box states at the top of the preview.

So a very minimum you need to select the format with the asterisks setup in it, in the left sidebar, and then Assign Section Layouts and apply it to your “Section” items.

Obviously, as you can read in the description of the preview tile, that’s still not going to work because it says, “Page Break (Folders Only)”, and there are no folders. So you would need to edit the Format itself, and in Separators, fix the “Asterisk” layout to insert a page break between sections. And there you go.

Naturally you probably want a different Section Type for your title page, so that it doesn’t use this Asterisk layout, but that’s an easy enough fix.

This is a dummy project that I threw together so you could see the issues. Obviously, the issues still exist when choosing Asterisk format.

I’m afraid you lost me on your third paragraph. I don’t see the Page Break (Folders Only) text anywhere on the initial Compile screen. Where are you seeing that text (i.e. what is ‘it’)? What’s a preview tile? Is that the center box in the initial Compile window?

I assigned the only Assign Section Layout layout option available to me, but nothing changed.

What Format are we talking about? The way my text files are setup in the Manuscript? The Compile format? When referring to the Asterisk layout, you mean the Asterisk Prefix layout? But if so, I see that in the Separators area the sections are already assigned to page break for the Asterisk Prefix Sections Layout, so are you referring to something else?

If only the titles page was my greatest problem…

Sure, I understand it is just a stripped down demo, but I wanted to make sure we were talking about the same things, since I figured you would have left it in the state you last tried it out, and what I saw on opening it was that it wasn’t using the “Asterisk” layout you made, or even the format with that layout.

I’m afraid you lost me on your third paragraph. I don’t see the Page Break (Folders Only) text anywhere on the initial Compile screen.

Oh, right, I forgot the Windows version doesn’t warn you about page breaks only working on folders like that. I had opened your test on the Mac since that is where I was at the moment. Well, what it doesn’t say on the preview tile aside, the fix is still the same:

  1. Double-click the custom format to edit it. Since you asked what that was, it’s called “Imported Scrivener v1 Settings”.
  2. Go to Separators and select “Asterisk” in the left list.
  3. In the options area to the right, disable defaults at the top, and add your page breaks.

That should work. It did for me anyway! (214.0 KB)

(Note I also cleaned out the styles bug from it, which was causing visible code to appear around the asterisks.)