inserting audio and video

Just bought 2.0, and am trying to figure out how I can insert video and audio files for export to ePub. It handles inserted pictures well. Searched manual inserting video etc., but didn’t find anything. Did I miss it?


The ePub format itself doesn’t support either of these to my knowledge. It might in theory, but I can’t even think of any readers on the desktop that would play them—and most ebook readers are just speaker-less, e-ink displays, or mobile phones and such.

Actually there are eBooks out there with video and audio (I downloaded a sample chapter of a book on Nixon that had all videos, no pictures)

I know ePub can handle it. It’s a question of how to get it into the files. I’ve been using Pages to do it, but Pages has other formatting problems. I bought Scrivener because it exports to ePub, and I sort of assumed it would take multi-media files. It’s a remarkable tool for writing, but I will be sad if I can’t insert media other than photos. Means I’m back to square 1…and Pages.


Okay, well that is good to know then, I’ve never seen any such thing. I can it won’t be possible from the very get-go though, because the only sort of thing you can embed into a text stream in Scrivener are images. You might consider working in phases, which isn’t all that unusual with Scrivener, since it is primarily designed as a drafting tool. Get the formatting and everything good with the compiler, with placeholders for the media. Then use something that can edit ePub files to do the final integration. Presumably there is something out there that can do this—if not, then perhaps some sort of workflow with Pages could be orchestrated, if it doesn’t damage the formatting to much. I can’t imagine that would be ideal though, because Pages isn’t known for working well with other programs, save for Word.


does anyone know a software that embeds video into a scrivener file? Doesn’t have to be epub necessarily. What about HTML? Since Scrivener can do HMTL export, it should be doable to ebed videos into an html-File exported from scrivener, no?

If you go to and do a search you should find lots of html editors – some probably free. Failing that, it should be very easy to use something like TextWrangler (also free) to edit the code and insert a video. It doesn’t matter that the html file was produced by Scrivener. If it’s html, you need an html editor.

Cheers, Martin.

Did anyone figure out how to insert an audio file (mp3) into Scrivener, then compile to ePUB?

As noted above, this is not possible within Scrivener. You would need to edit the epub file directly.


The original post is 5 years old, so I was hoping Scrivener might have added the feature since that time. But I guess not. Maybe in Scrivener 3?

Thanks though.