Inserting bookmark

(please be friendly with my english, I’m a poor french guy! ;-(

So, I’m begining to work with Scrivener, and there is one thing I can’t do, like I’ve already done with Word. It’s about bookmark.

For example, (in Word), I have a two pages document, each with some paragraphes. Page 1 contains chapter 1, and chapter 2, then page 2 contains chapter 3 and 4.

In the chapter 4, I write the text:
“as it is already written at chapter __ page__”, where the underscore are replaced with the Word function Insert/bookmark. The first one is chapter number, and the second one is the page’s number of the chapter. Even if the page’s number, or the chapter’s number change, the bookmark can be updated (I use select All, then press function key F9)

How can I the same result with Scrivener?
Then, how update the bookmark if the page’s number or the chapter’s number change?

Thanks for your help

In Scrivener, cross-references are searched for and evaluated when you compile, based on a few simple rules:

  • Any Scrivener Link pointing to a document where the text of the link is the same as the document name, will have its text updated when you compile to include any prefix or suffix (such as “Chapter 1”). This is default behaviour, it is possible to switch that off in compile settings (for example, stripping out all hyperlinks will indirectly have the effect of removing cross-references).
  • Any <$p> token that is linked to a document will print the page number of the link target.

A hint: to create a Scrivener Link with the document name of the link, drag the document you wish to link to from the Binder into the text editor, while holding down the Option key. For things like the <$p>, try selecting the text and then Option-dragging the document onto the selection.

Or, you can just save this step for Word. Scrivener will insert bookmarks for each section by default, so it would not be difficult to add the cross-references in the post-writing phase, if you need actual cross-reference markers in Word, instead of literal and static text. It depends on whether you intend to edit the document extensively in Word after compiling. If you do, I would recommend using Word to cross-reference—and just indicate where that should be done in Scrivener using some marker you can search for later.

Thank you very much for this answer.

I have to try what you explained, and choose the best solution.