Inserting equations Scrivener for Windows

Hey all… I needed to insert a fake formula in my latest wip. After some searching I discovered a way to convert my made up formula into an image using a free online Latex formula generator/compiler and converter.

If like me, you don’t know latex from shinola, you can create your formula with this editor.

Then paste it into this converter get your image. Right click and do a “save as” and use it like any other image in your project. Cheers

Nice, thanks for the tip!

Another approach is to use the cross-platform LyX, which has an equation editor built into it. It’s probably a little more difficult to get the result of that into an image that you can paste into Scrivener though—I’ve never looked into from that standpoint, but it would suffice to generate LaTeX code if that is what you need.

Thanks Amber, I just downloaded Lyx to play with. One of the drawbacks to inserting an equation as an image is that it doesn’t scale along with the text size.

Maybe look into SVG, if the target platform supports it.

FWIW, you can draw symbols in this webapp and it will give you a list of LaTeX matches.
There’s also an offline Mac app, but I’ve never used it.