Inserting footnotes at the end of page rather than end of document


It is my first post here. I have been using scriveners for a while on iOS and at least for now I don’t plan to use it on different operating systems.

Overall I really love the app and it’s a pleasure to write with it. However, I am stuck with this little problem of inserting footnotes at the bottom of the page. It seems that by default footnotes are always inserted at the end of the document. In case it matters, generally I like to compile PDF with the modern layout. I have tried several different combinations with no luck though. I searched the forum for answers but all I found is a thread that seems related to windows and doesn’t help on iOS. I really don’t want the reader to have to jump at the end of the document to read a note. This seems to me such an obvious thing that there must be a way to achieve having the footnote displayed at the foot of the page where the reference occurs.

I would expect that a simple command in the “footnote” section at compile should be enough to do the trick (something like <%f>) but couldn’t find anything in the docs. Can anybody help with this?


Has anyone found a solution to this? I have exactly the same issue but the original post was left unanswered.

Thanks and happy holidays!

I’m afraid support for footnotes is limited in the iOS version and it’s only possible to get footnotes to compile as endnotes at present, and only in some of the supported formats. Footnotes are difficult with Scrivener as Scrivener itself has no concept of pages. A project is only split into pages by the third-party converters used to convert the project into Word, PDF format, etc upon compile. Unfortunately the converters can only place footnotes at the end of the text in the iOS version. If you have Scrivener for Mac or Windows, you’ll find more flexibility with the compile options, so I’d recommend compiling from there. If you don’t have either of those versions, I can only recommend compiling to Word or RTF and editing the footnotes using word processing software, and then making the PDF.