Inserting Images in Scrivener for Dissertation-Project


I recently started using Scrivener for writing my dissertation. I have to insert many tables and diagrams into the text. My problem is now, that inserting single pdf-pages as used for exporting diagrams and tables from Excel, are getting a huge spacing after them. I don’t know why and how to remove that. I just want it to look like: "Lines of text, than a new paragraph with the Image and than the next Paragraph should be text again. i attached a screenshot to illustrate my problem. the long line on the right its the big blinking cursor, witch indicates, that the line, where the image sits on, seems to be to big. i´d appreciate your help very much! Thanks a lot for this totally amazing program.

First, make sure that the PDF’s are cropped right up to the image. You should be able to do this by first opening the PDF in Preview and using its cropping tools (use the select tool [CMD+3] to select as close to the table edges as you can, then use the crop tool [CMD+K]). After you have done this, save the PDF and then import it into Scrivener.

If you are still seeing an unusual amount of spacing around the image, check the “line spacing.” Make sure that it is set to 1.0 (the easiest way to do this is to adjust it using the format bar – if you don’t see the format bar, enable it by going to “Format > Show Format Bar.”