Inserting images - where do they go?


I just inserted an image into a scrivener document, not often done by me, and I just came to a thought. Where is it saved? When I look into “the package” that is the saved file, it seems nowhere to be found?

Thanks in advance!



The image is saved as part of the Scrivener document, which will be an RTF file. Add an image, save the project, and look in the package for the most recently changed .RTF file in the Docs subfolder. Open that file in TextEdit to see your image.

Please note that you should only do this as a test. Editing the contents of the package using any tool other than Scrivener itself is a very bad idea.


Just an erratum, but TextEdit is incapable of reading the standard RTF embedded image syntax (hence RTFD), but otherwise that is all correct. You would just need to load the RTF file in a word processor that can read RTF images (Nisus, Word, OpenOffice and Mellel are examples).