Inserting inspector Image in text


I’m new to Scrivener, i read all tutorials, manual and forum, but i can’t find an answer to my problem, wich is:

In a character or location template, i want to add a command who will add the image put in the inspector.

I found that when you add an image image to the inpector, Scrivener create a file specially named for it:

by example:

27.rtf (for the text file)
27_icImage.jpg (for the image dropped in the inspector)

Is it possible to add a command like <$Img: (number of the RTF)_icImage.jpg> ?

I will test but if someone already know, i will appreciate !

Best regards

Assuming the internal filename is stable, it looks like this might do it:


“(If the image file is stored in the same directory as, or a subdirectory of, the .scriv project, a relative path can be used.)”

This info comes from Scrivener > Help > Placeholder Tags List.


Thanks for your answer, saddly it doesn’t seams to work. Or i may be i did something wrong ! :frowning:

I captured the content of the Project :
Capture d’écran 2016-10-05 à 18.01.09.png

You can see the 27.RTF and the 27_icImage.jpg created by Scrivener after the image was dropped on Inspector.

They both are in the same folder.

Maybe there is a command to insert the Inspector image in the text ?

NB: The PNG pictures was made by me and placed in a specific folder of the Binder.

I did some tests.

And the <$img > command need the binder name of the picture.

By example, if i drop an image named FLOWER in a Binder folder, the image will be stock inside the Project file but rename with a number.
If the image is dropped on inspector, then another file is created with the number of the related document followed by “icImage”.

So I conclude that only Scrivener creators can add a command to allow us to place the inspector image on the related file.

I hope they will read this, until then i will drop the image manually on the inspector and after on the file.

Can’t quite see why it wouldn’t work, given your description. If you drop the image in the inspector, it is given a special project-internal filename, but that shouldn’t be a barrier, you just use that filename in the img tag in the doc. Of the path/filename is right Scriv should fetch the right image at compile time. Do you have any thoughts on why that is not working?


P.s. By the way, how is it that your binder file names match the project-internal filenames scriv uses? That is highly unusual (and I don’t know how you would keep up with it). Have you made this happen by manually renaming the items in the Binder or something?