Inserting Page Numbers in Scrivener for Windows

I want to be able to view page numbers while I am writing in Scrivener for windows. I have looked everywhere for help. I just can’t do it. Can anyone help me be able to put page numbers in while I write. I am not computer literate. Thanks in advance

This isn’t something that is generally possible with Scrivener given its nature. Instead of working with a model of sheet of paper, where documents are one huge long string of text that is laid out within that model, Scrivener is more like a bunch of smaller files that become joined together into a single document when you use the File/Compile… menu command. This is when things like paper margins are added, and it is there that you can specify where page numbering should be done, in the “Page Settings” compile option pane (most of the built-in templates and compile presets include one if it is appropriate to do so, however).