Inserting Pictures

Hello. I first want to say that I really like this program. It’s uncluttered and gives me everything I want in a writing program.

I have some questions about inserting pictures in the synopsis pane. When I insert a picture, I don’t get the whole thing. It cuts off the top. So if I insert a photo of a person, it lops off the top of their head all the way down to the eyes. For some of my pictures it also cuts off the bottom. This makes me think that it’s a picture size issue, which is ok because I can easily fix that. But this leads to my next question: How do I delete it? And then my next question is what size should I make it before dragging it in? I looked in the manual and searched here but I could not find anything that addresses this so pardon me if I missed it.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you’re liking Scrivener thus far.

Currently, if you make the image ratio 3x5, you’ll be able to see the whole thing in the index card in the inspector and on the corkboard if you have your cards at a 3x5 ratio there (on the corkboard the ratio is adjustable; the inspector always uses 3x5). However, some of this will be changing, as the implementation of synopsis images is a bit off at the moment. The index card in the inspector should always scale the image, padding the top and bottom or sides as necessary in order to display the entire image. Obviously a 3x5 ratio or something close to that will still be ideal for the best view of your image, but once the scaling is in place you won’t find heads getting cropped off and such. Meanwhile, images displayed on the corkboard will be getting a makeover to look more like old-school Polaroids, setting them off a bit from the text cards, so the ratio for those will switch to 5x5 as a default, although if you change the card ratio for the corkboard you’ll be able to change this to anything larger than 5x5. Cropping will thus still happen a bit on the corkboard, although it should be a little more intelligent about it than currently.

To replace an image on a card, just drag a new one on. (Which is cover for saying, it looks like the “x” button for deleting an image and not replacing it is missing still, whoops. But replacing the image will work fine, and of course if you want to display text instead of an image just use the up/down arrows in the synopsis header to toggle back to text view; that will affect the corkboard as well.)

Hello and thanks again for this amazing product. However, I’m now having a hard time adding an image to the synopsis part of the inspector. I’m trying to add an image to a file and before today, I was able to do so but it won’t let me now. From what I can tell, the inspector is not locked.

I looked through the manual and don’t see anything about this. Am I missing something?