Inserting special character with Undo causes weirdness

I go to type “arana” in Spanish but want an tilde over the n to make an enya. So I go to the special character map and copy the enya character. Then I paste it over the n. It’s fine, except the enya is now 13 pt in a 12 sentence. Annoyed, I hit “Undo.” The oversized enya now turns into an oversized “a” with a tilde over it.


Another “Undo” fixes that, turning it back into an “n” of the right size, but without the tilde.

I go elsewhere in the document to find an enya the right size and decide to ignore the buggy character map.

Please fix this. Thanks.

The Character Map is a Windows utility, available to all programs; Scrivener just calls it via the menu for convenience. As far as I know, there’s no way to change its default font size from 13, but you can avoid it in Scrivener simply by using Paste and Match Style (Ctrl+Shift+V) rather than the regular paste.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the Undo oddities you described, but there have been some changes made to improve the Undo functionality for the next release, so this may already have been addressed.