inserting symbols [NOTED]

It is at this moment not possible to insert “symbols” as ë
In the Dutch language there are a lot of characters like that.

Hi Guido22, can you be a little more specific please i.e. how are you trying to insert symbols?

The way I work in Word for Windows.

Ctr + shift + “:” and then e

I will investigate this further.

Does Word actually work like that? Allowing you to press CTRL + SHIFT + : then e to get the symbol?

I use a program called JLG Keyboard that allows me to insert virtually any symbol with key presses like that, and it has some sort of funky interaction with Scrivener that makes me have to do the key presses repeatedly before I actually get a character with the symbol I wanted.

Again, I don’t know if that’s why the OP is having trouble, but it may be something you want to look into later on down the line. The interaction of JLG Keyboard and Scrivener, that is.


I think there is really something about the accents.
As I write mainly in French, I use them quite a lot too, and also with some combined keys.

I am, at this point, wondering if there is some kind of “keyboard sensitivity” in Srcivener, that could maybe be “fine tuned”.

Have a look at the following :

In Scrivener, I typed, quickly, several times “AltGr+´+E”, which gives the following : EEEEEE.
Then I did the same in Word, even faster, on the same keyboard, and this is what comes out : ÉÉÉÉÉÉ%EÉ.
Of course, there is one wrong hit of mine inside, but the keyboard is clearly read by the application.

These two examples were copied right away from each application after typing.
My keyboard is a new one and has no such problems.
But it cannot be Scrivener in itself, as it really shows the accents, at least on my screen.
These are written in Scrivener, with the combined keys : ÉÉÉÉEEÉÉÉE.

Everywhere the accent appears, I have been pushing like an idiot on the “AltGr+´” to get it, and everywhere it does not appear, I just typed along.
In no other software, this problem occurs to me.

Maybe, there is something useful to gather by keeping together all the posts about the accents.
I found another one related to Spanish as well.