Inserting URL as hyperlink in Research

How do I insert a URL into a document?
Copy and paste does not seem to cut the mustard and drag and drop is tiresome.
I seems at one time I could turn a copy and pasted URL into a hyperlink from a menu selection.

I do not want to insert the web page but only the URL as a hyperlink.

Using win 10 and - Google Chrome with Yahoo as home page
Not sure if the https prefix enters into this or not.

I’ll add a bit to my own post here. I can at times get the URL to insert by using Edit>Link
but the results are hit and miss only inserting random URL’s.
At times it does show the hyperlink of the URL in the document but then will not open the web page when selected.



Here’s what I do:

  • Go to the url and copy it.
  • Pull down Menu/edit/link
  • select NO PREFIX - this way whether it is www or http or https whatever you copied (which worked cause you are there) works
  • Paste

This works for both pdf output and HTML output

I just posted some tips on working with links, over here. If paste at one point worked but now doesn’t, check that preference I referred to over there—it may have been inadvertently switched off.

It may also just not be working for the type of link you’re working with right now. I’ve noticed the detection is a bit hit & miss—when it doesn’t work there is the menu command.

I’m not sure this preference is available in the Windows program. Admittedly I’m not using the most recent update. (I’m on version But in the Corrections dialog in Options, there’s no “Automatically detect web addresses” option. See the screenshot below. Or am I totally missing something?

Checking the NO PREFIX selection did the trick!!