Insertion failure, using Papers 2 Citations

I have been using Scrivener and Papers 2 for many months now, without any problems with Citations insertion.

Last week, Using Papers 2.2.10, citation insertion (using Papers own ‘Citations’ manager) has recently begun to fail: citations are evidently processed by Citations manager, but do not then paste into Scrivener editor…apparently arbitrarily.

Here is what I’ve discovered about this apparent ‘bug’, on further investigation.

  • When it fails, whatever was formerly on the clipboard (e.g. text, cut from editor), is pasted instead of the citation. If the clipboard is empty (e.g. after a reboot), nothing is pasted.
  • Everything else is working within Papers / Citations, including with other editors.
  • Start a new file, in Scrivener, and citations insert; return to failed insertion point, in existing document, problem persists.
  • Switching to Composition Mode, thus far, has proven to be the only failsafe method for ‘kick-starting’ citation insertions again: i.e. citations still work, as normal, in Composition Mode.
  • I mainly use a split screen to write: Outliner / Editor. Sometimes, though not as reliably as Composition Mode, viewing a document in single screen mode also allows successful citation insertion.
  • Turning Scrivenings mode on or off has no effect

Anyone else have any related difficulties using Papers? :open_mouth: :unamused:


Very strange. From your description this doesn’t sound like a Scrivener problem, though, if this is all to do with the pasteboard - Scrivener can only read from whatever is on the pasteboard, and from what you describe, it sounds as though nothing is actually on the pasteboard that Scrivener can read. If copy and paste is working fine, then that’s a clue that Scrivener’s pasteboard reading is working fine.

That said, I’m happy to test this further, but I know little about Papers. Could you please write a small set of instructions that would allow me to reproduce it exactly, including what I need to set up and do in Papers?


All the best,