Insertion of New Chapters

:bulb: So I have my whole book completed and low and behold I want to insert a new Chapter 2. Right now I would insert a new Chapter 2 and then change all the other Chapter numbers including the table of contents and maybe the Index. How about an automatic Chapter changer? If I change a chapter number all the other Chapter Numbers that have to change change automatically?

I take it you’ve been typing in the numbers by hand, instead of using a counter? If so there is no automatic way to do this (though you could make quick work of the list by using the Outliner; hit F2 on the first chapter name, fix it, and tab down to the next like in a spreadsheet). Best practice is to use a numbering token, like “Chapter <$n>”, which will print “Chapter 1” the first time it is encountered, then “Chapter 2” and so on. There are a number of different counter styles you can use in the Edit/Insert/Auto-Number/ menu. Once you use them once, you can just type in the token you’ve learned by hand, if you find that easier.

If you are using a counter token already, then no worries. Inserting a new chapter at the top of the book will renumber everything after it when you compile.

Just an extra note to add that at the moment the menu option for adding the token into the document title is greyed out, but that is a valid location for the token so you can type it in yourself and it will compile correctly. The menu option will be fixed so that in future you can just add it that way like you can directly into the document. So currently, workaround is just to use the menu to enter the auto-numbering style you want into document text, then cut the token from there and just paste it into the title.