Insertion Point Color in Composition Mode

Hi Literature and Latte,

I’ve looked at one previous post that talked about this, but–to my knowledge–it wasn’t answered. Pardon me, if it has been.
Is it possible to have a different insertion point than the text color, in Composition mode? I see where the option to change the insertion point in the main editor exists, but there is no option for that under the Customizable Colors within the Compose tab, within Preferences.
I would love if I could achieve a black background (for night), white text, and an “ice” colored blinking insertion point (kind of like Ulysses employs for its full screen mode). I do not want the insertion point color and the color of the text to necessarily match. This way, it stands out more, in my opinion.
There is a separate control for this within the main editor, but there is not one for Composition mode. I like to use a “Day” theme and a “Night” theme, which switches the background from white to black, and the text from black to white, respectively. This requires that I override the text color in composition mode for the night theme, which–in turn–means that I cannot achieve a blue insertion point, since the insertion point’s color either depends on what is set in the main editor, or what the text color is set to, in the composition override.
Is it possible to make this control independent, like it is in the main editor?

Thank you.



No, there is no way to do this, sorry. The way it works is that Composition mode either uses the same colours as the editor, or you choose to override the text colour, in which case the insertion point uses the same colour as the text. It’s something that could be added in the future, though.

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Thank you for your quick response, Keith. Keep up the incredible work.