Insertion point height jumping.

When I set the line spacing to 1.4 (my preferred) and click anywhere in my text in the editor, the insertion point is at first a greater height, but then it jumps down to a shorter height. This can be seen more effectively if you click and hold the insertion point anywhere in the editor. While you hold the click, you actually see what appears to be two insertion points–the taller one, and the one it shrinks down to. You may have to change the insertion point color to see both. Changing the line spacing to 1.0 fixes this, but it’s not my preferred line height. That said, the jumping of the insertion point height is driving me crazy, so 1.0 it is until I can find a resolution. :laughing:

This is not really a bug, so much, as a limitation of the text system. Scrivener is built using Apples TextKit text system, which, annoyingly, sets the insertion point to the entire line height when you use a line height multiple. Try setting the line spacing to 1.4 in TextEdit and you’ll see what I mean. In Scrivener, I override Apple’s insertion point methods to reduce the size of the insertion point to avoid this, which is why Scrivener’s insertion point is not as tall as the one in TextEdit. However, when you first click into a line, you will see Apple’s original insertion point momentarily. As soon as you release the mouse, it will shrink to the custom size. Unfortunately this was the best I could do with the customisation that Apple allows. I have overridden the public insertion point methods, but it seems that upon first clicking into a line, Apple is doing some private drawing that my code cannot access to override.

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Understood. For what it’s worth, I prefer TextEdit’s method of handling this. :confused:

I think you are alone there. :slight_smile: Scrivener used to do things TextEdit’s way, but we had hundreds of requests to reduce the size of the insertion point to match the font height rather than the line height - hence the custom code.

Ha! Interesting. No worries. Thanks for the responses!