Insertion point in Inspector in Composition Mode

When I have the Inspector open in Composition Mode, the insertion point is almost invisible in the Synopsis and Project Notes windows. Is there anything I can do to change it? I’ve had a look on the Appearances tab in Preferences, but can’t seem to find anything. Just to be clear, it’s only the Composition Mode Inspector I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance.

Check in the Composition preference pane in the top-right quarter for a couple of cursor settings. You can increase the width of it or make it stop blinking. The line highlight feature right above those can also really help. Lastly, there is an “Insertion Point” custom colour setting in Appearance (under Editor)—but this won’t do anything if you use text colour override in Composition mode.

Hi Amber,

No dice.

The cursor in the actual main text window of Comp mode is fine, it’s just in the Inspector window that it’s very hard to see. When you change the width it only affects the main window,

I’ve played around with the background colours and it’s a bit better, but it’s still pretty hard to see.

The Inspector! I missed that detail when I read your post, sorry about that. Yeah I can’t think of anything to help much there other than messing with background colours. I’ll see if it is possible to make this feature available in these text fields. It’s a bit fragile, this isn’t an official OS X feature unfortunately (why it is not a global Accessibility feature is beyond me, when you can make the mouse cursor the size of a thumbnail).

Well, as someone that frequently loses the cursor as well, an old habit I picked up over the years is to hit Shift-UpArrow if I need to find where I am, and then just RightArrow to continue if I am where I need to be.

Thanks for the clarification and the tip.