Inset quotes

Hi. I’m trying Scrivener for the first time (thanks to NYT) and rather than fight the learning curve I hope that I can get a quick answer on the forum. Sorry if this is obvious.

I often use inset quotes. Is there any easy keyboard control for entering and exiting an inset quote. I don’t care if it is only insert from one side or from both.

I have figured out that I can create an inset quote style and then select the style from the ruler bard but I prefer to use a keyboard shortcut.



Actually, you are halfway there. The best way to do this is by doing what you have already done - creating a style for it from the ruler - and then applying your own preferred shortcut via the System Preferences. For instance, suppose you created a style in the ruler entitled “Indented”. All you need to do then is go to the System Preferences, select Keyboard & Mouse, then in the Keyboard Shortcuts pane, click the add button, select Scrivener as the application, “Indented” as the menu item title, and then enter your preferred keyboard shortcut. You can then use that shortcut in Scrivener for your style (note that the ruler will have to be visible for the shortcut to work, though).

Hope that helps.
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EDIT: P.S. Remember that, by default, Scrivener’s Compile Draft feature is set to override the formatting of your text with another format you specify. If you use different paragraph styles in your text, you should make sure that, when you come to compile your draft, you deselect the override feature in the Formatting pane of Compile Draft (or choose Font only).