Insistent autocorrection

Please make my rebellious little Scrivener leave off capitalizing any word that doesn’t follow either a PERIOD or a PERIOD-END QUOTE.

I have a habit of including full sentences of dialogue, followed by a comma, end quote and “s/he said” or equivalent. If special punctuation (e.g. exclamation point or question mark) is required, I include it, but then follow with a comma (the comma goes INSIDE the quotation marks, as G-D clearly intended if you consult the lost Book of Grammatical Genesis).

As an example: [“Why does this darned thing insist on capitalizing?,” he fretted to the board.]

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: no autocorrect (doesn’t directly follow a period).

ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: autocorrects to [“Why does this darned thing insist on capitalizing?,” He fretted to the board.] Scrivener then becomes curiously insistent about maintaining that autocorrected cap of “He.” The only way to remove it seems to be typing several characters forward, then going back to highlight the capped “H” and replace it with a lower case “h.”

I hope this is not a duplicative post, as I scanned the board only cursorily before throwing it out there. My excuse is that I’m trying to finish a book. Best excuse I’ve got, so deal. Also, I’ve no wish to debate the wisdom or lunacy of my preferred style of punctuating dialogue; I simply wish for Scrivener to auto-capitalize after a period, and ONLY after a period.

Version is Beta 1.7 so again, my apologies if this has been dealt with previously. Add custom-coded smileys as required…

Final note: never would have written my first novel were it not for Scrivener/Windows. For that transgression upon all known taste and decency, may G-D have mercy on your enabling souls and history charitably forgive you.


Jack Lewis


For a while, I’ve been going through the same steps as Jack to finally get the cap letter to stay in lower case. I thought my changes were permanent. Unfortunately, I’ve not discovered they’re not always. Here’s the phrase I’m struggling with at the moment:

Washington, D.C., And am a consultant. . . .

I can force the cap A after the comma to change to lower case after about three tries and typing forward BUT it will continually change back if:

a. I subsequently type a space or any punctuation mark or symbol showing on the keyboard, not including $ ^ + - | < > ~ ` (Note: when I entered a single ?, the a changed to a cap. When I typed a double ?, it did not change the a to a cap on the second ? HOWEVER, when I typed }}, it changed on both wiggly paragraph symbols.) and
b. the edit is in the same sentence as the stubborn cap letter, and
c. the space, punctuation or symbol comes after the stubborn cap letter.

The bug occurs in both clean writing and editing.

This has me worried because there are other instances in my MS where I changed the cap letter and went on writing, thinking the change was permanently fixed and not knowing that the next space, punctuation mark, or symbol was making the letter regress. More worrying is the edit scenario, where something is added to the sentence a distance away from the cap word problem. In this case, I would have read the sentence before making the edit and the questionable letter would have been in the correct case but as soon as I made an edit, as specified above, the bug would kick in. If I felt the need to reread the entire sentence, I would catch it. Otherwise. . . . Using a different program to completely reproof the final, compiled and exported manuscript is the only work-around I’ve come up with.

Am really, truly, prayerfully hoping this bug gets fixed before I get to that final manuscript stage.

Despite this problem, I hate to complain for fear the gods will exact retribution and take this lovely program away. :smiley:

p.s. I made multiple replications of this error but did not multiple test each punctuation mark or symbol. My OS is Vista 32 bit. Computer is a Dell Inspiron 1520.

I have a similar problem where I start a dialogue line with “…the world whirred crazily” because the person perceiving the speech is coming into the conversation halfway through. Every time I type a space I get autocorrected, but more importantly when I use ctrl-z to undo the autocorrect it sends my input cursor to the top of the document. That’s really annoying.

It was bugging me, too. I turned off the auto correct for capitalization after a period. I hope that doesn’t bite me later :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments we are working on this this week.