Inspect Button Wish

My wish is for the Inspector window to be able to set to auto turnoff when I click on anything in my research folder. I use it for notes and such when I write, but I refer to my research often as well and it gets old having to always turn it off so I can view websites, Pdf’s, and other research items correctly. I have to turn off and on the inspector 100’s of times per day, so it really does feel like a unnecessary step. This is more for people who use smaller screens, as for larger displays this probably is not a problem.


Hi MadWriter,

I think this would be a difficult thing to set up, as it would involve Scrivener trying to guess the user’s intentions. Some users would want the inspector open for web files. Some might want it open for PDF files but not for web files… And so on. Really, this is just an extra key stroke - as Amber suggests in your post in the Tech Support forum, just hit opt-cmd-I to toggle the inspector. Although I appreciate your wish for this, I think this is the sort of thing best left to the user.

Thanks for your suggestion and all the best,

Ah well, I tried. Maybe someday.

Thanks for the reply. :wink: