Inspector bug in new Win 10 version

My apologies for not finding this in a beta version. I was too chicken to risk losing material because of my lack of confidence in my familiarity with Scrivener.

The bug: The “Synopsis” window shows the title in boldface. Okay. When moving down in the window to elaborate on the label, any typing error I made was squiggly underlined in red. Okay, for that. But when I right-clicked (repeatedly) on the red line, I got the cut and paste options, not a suggestion for correction. So I manually corrected. But during the manual correct, the last few words of what I had written disappeared as if I had “cut” them. But I was able to reset my cursor and fill in the missing words. Not the end of the world, but it made for extra work.

I cannot replicate your “text disappeared” problem, but it seems that the misspelled word needs to be highlighted (double-click it) before the spelling options appear in the popup menu from right-clicking.

Thanks, Mr. Clarke! I’ll give it a try.