Inspector Comments Background Color is Stuck

Some time ago I changed the background color for inspector comments (to yellow). Now I need to get rid of that, and can’t. In Preferences > Appearance I changed Quick Reference > Comments background – and nothing happened in the inspector. The old comments stayed yellow, and when I created a new one it was yellow, too.

Even resetting all Preferences to defaults didn’t get rid of the yellow. The little window showing the chosen color is grey but the comments are still yellow.

How can I fix this?

I just created a new blank project, and entered a comment on a document. It was yellow too!!!

Argh. I hope someone can help!

This works in roughly the same fashion as inline annotations. If you change the colour of one of those, the next annotation you create will use the new colour. Likewise, each comment can have its own colour, and which colour is used for the next comment you make is based on the last on you changed. So if you want red comments, right-click on the comment and select “Red”. From now on future notes, even in other projects, will be red.

Ah! Success! I couldn’t find this information in the User Manual. I hope it goes in the next version.

Thank you, Ioa!