Inspector Comments & Compile

Hello and Help!

I have just gotten a pile of notes on a script that I wrote, and I would like to compile a document that contains ONLY the scene titles and the notes that relate to a particular scene, so that I have a concise summary of my script, with the changes I need to make. I’m afraid that this might not be possible: when I use compile to print only titles (not text), the inspector comments don’t show up. I am able to export the comments, but this doesn’t allow me to adjust other important settings, like including page breaks, and/or notes and synopses.

Am I correct that the only way to gather all inspector comments WITHOUT the text is to export them? If so: :cry: Please consider making this an option in future versions.

If not, could somebody please, ASAP, let me know what I might be doing wrong?


What happens if you in the Formatting pane in Compile tick only the Title and Notes tickboxes? Doesn’t that give you what you want?

I have tried this, and it will compile notes, but not comments from the inspector pane. Scrivener appears to only compile those inspector comments along with the text that the comment is linked to. So if I tick “Text” then all the comments show up, inline. It is possible to export the comments (without the linked text) using File>Export>Comments and Annotations, but as I noted in my first post, this is less elegant, because I then have to fiddle with formatting and page breaks, and insert folder titles that don’t automatically export, etc. Thanks for trying. Further thoughts from anybody would be appreciated, if I am missing something. :slight_smile: