Inspector comments "link" text color=comment text color

I’ve been color coding my inspector comments, and ran across a visual issue. I wanted to make my comment’s background color red, but I had also set my Appearance->Customizable Colors->Editor->Links color to a similar shade of red. It made the text in the editor an unreadable red bar of color, so I had to change the link color back to default. It still isn’t readable for blue comments, so I can’t really use that color.

My suggestion: Make the color of the text in the editor the same as the color of the text in the comment. That way, if the color selected for the background makes the text in either the editor or the comment difficult to read, adjusting that color in the comment will make the text in the editor readable too. If that’s not possible, then maybe just some automated contrasting color/saturation setting for the editor’s “link” text that isn’t tied to the other links?