Inspector Comments Lost From Full Screen

Just found a bug with inspector comments which may be related to a bug report I emailed re: similar problems during Sync with External Folder. Inspector comments created during full screen mode go blank after leaving FS mode:

  1. Open a document in full screen mode.
  2. Create an inspector comment.
  3. Exit full screen mode. The comment is there but is empty except for default name/date text.

This only seems to happen on the last comment added, so if two comments are added during full screen mode, only the second will vanish on exit.

(using 2.0 (5999) on an 2.4 GHz MBP, OS X 10.6.4)

Thanks, fixed for 2.0.1. In the meantime make sure you click out of any comments (somewhere else in the comments area) before you exit full screen - the problem is that the comment is still being edited when you leave full screen, and it needs to be committed to be saved.

Great, thanks! I just wanted to add to this that “clicking” with the mouse doesn’t work for me, only hitting “esc” does. Even if I click back in the body of the document and continue typing there, the comment doesn’t get committed. (This applies for the focus issue as well–if I use the mouse instead of the escape key to return to the body of the document from the comment, the next comment created won’t get focus.) So for anyone else experiencing this problem, be sure to use escape.

I meant to click elsewhere in the comments area, not into the main text. The trouble is that each window has its own focus, so clicking in a different window doesn’t end editing in another. (But as I say, fixed for 2.0.1!)

Ah, thanks. I should’ve realized that because of the focus problem I was getting with the gray highlight, which clearly demonstrates the separate editor effect. Oh well, my brain’s not awake yet. :confused:

Thanks again for the quick fix! Have I mentioned recently that I adore Scrivener? I seriously do. :slight_smile:

EDIT: ::suspicious:: Did you edit your earlier comment to clarify about the clicking or did I just completely fail to read that line where you say to click “somewhere else in the comments”? Urf. I’m sorry. I need to go have some caffeine before I write anything else, clearly.