Inspector creates right indent

I’m still trying to get to grips with Scrivener for Windows, so apologies for the newbie question, but sometimes, if I dismiss the Inspector so as to get maximum width for the Editor, it leaves right indent tabs where the left hand side of the Inspector used to be, so I get the width but not the ability to work in it.

I can move the stops individually, but this would take too long - I had read somewhere that I can get rid of them all at once, but is that only in the Mac version, and, if so, what would be the quickest way of removing the tab stops in the Windows version?


Is the fixed width editor causing your issue?

Thanks for the reply. Those commands aren’t available to me - probably because I’ve stubbornly remained with Windows 7. But thanks for the link - something in that thread led me somehow to ‘Typewriter scrolling’ in the f1 help (that didn’t address the issue, but I’m glad I discovered it - I disliked typing along the bottom of the window), and below that paragraph I noticed Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style, which - with suitable check marks - solved my issue at a keystroke.

Thanks again.


Enabling or disabling the fixed-width editor should NOT be dependent on your operating system. However, if you’re not running the Scrivener 3 Beta (technically 2.9.x) then you won’t have access to them. My apologies for not checking on that first!