Inspector; document notes,

Dear Keith, please herewith find my feature-wish:

In the Inspector all kinds of additional notes can be made. Especially handy when one wants to add some notes to a document that itself cannot be changed within Scrivener like a webpage, a PDF, an Excel file etc.

However, to have the Inpector open constantly to be able to check wether a document has additional notes or not is a waste of real-estate on my screen. Thus, would it be possible to add (a) notification symbol(s) to the document itself once there are notes? For example at the bottom bar (now: Words, Chars) or beside the symbol for a folder or a file in the top bar.

For example, when one has put a keyword in the inspector, the bottom bar of that document contains the key-symbol. When one has made a document-reference, the bookrow-symbol appears at the bottom bar. If both is the case, both symbols are there. Alternatively, just the Inspector symbol popping up at the bottom bar.

That would be a lot of extra icons for very little gain - and a single “inspector” icon wouldn’t tell you much. Currently, you can just open the inspector and see at a glance which documents have got meta-data or notes associated with them by looking at the inspector footer bar for an asterisk next to each icon. And if you really don’t want to open the inspector, then you can always open the document in a QuickRef window and look through the notes there. I work on a MacBook 11", though, and the inspector works fine - early versions of Scrivener were developed on an iBook 12", and all iterations of Scrivener have been carefully designed to scale from the smallest screens to the largest.

All the best,