Inspector doesn't stay on Document Notes

I never use Project Notes, yet Scrivener frequently defaults the inspector to Project Notes rather than Document Notes. It’s a small thing to switch the view, but it’s annoying to keep having to do it.

I gather from other threads that this is not supposed to happen and there’s no keyboard shortcut I could be accidentally pressing to cause it, so I’m guessing it’s a bug. If I ever figure out a consistent sequence of events that leads to this happening, I’ll let you know.

Thanks. I’m aware that this happens if the project is closed while the Draft, Research, or Trash folders are loaded in the editor, and I have a bug ticket open for that. If you find another setup that triggers the bug, please let me know!

Thanks, Jennifer. The clues you just gave me identified the source of my problem.

I track my daily progress with a spreadsheet, and one of the last things I do before shutting down the project is switch to outliner view, highlight all the scenes under the top level folder, and right-click to see my total word count. Thanks to you, I just noticed that the inspector pane switches to Project Notes when I do that.

If I close the project while it is still in outline view, the inspector defaults to Project Notes the next time I open the project and switch to the text editor. However, if I switch back to the text editor before closing the project, the inspector goes back to Document Notes, and that’s what I’ll see when I reopen the project. It seems that the text editor needs to separately track the state of Document/Project Notes view.

So, all I need to do is make sure I’m in the text editor when I close the project. I can deal with that! Thanks for helping me find a workaround.

Good, I’m glad you’re able to get around it for now. I also added to the bug ticket the case of the multiple selection switching the inspector to make sure that gets tested specifically also when the problem is fixed.

I’m not sure how your binder is structured or exactly how you’re tracking your progress, but there might be another easier way to do this, too. For one, Project > Project Targets has both a Draft progress bar and a Session progress bar. Session will count words added anywhere in your project, so it may not be as useful to you if you want to exclude research and other notes, but the Draft count can be limited to just those items included in compile, so presumably just the scenes you’re writing whose text counts toward your daily progress. You may then just be able to pop open that window to check your current word count for the Draft instead of going through the steps of selecting everything in the outliner.

Project Statistics will give you the total word count for the Draft based on the compile settings, which is a more accurate count in terms of what you’re going to end up with when you bring it out of Scrivener. For that reason though it may be less useful to you in this case, where you’ve already been keeping track just based on the editor word count (which is what the project targets also uses). Project Stats will include any text added during compile, like chapter titles, and exclude anything that you strip out, like inline annotations. Depending on how you work, this count may be enough different from your basic “how many words are in the editor” count that it wouldn’t be as helpful to your progress chart to change midway through to using this tool. Maybe helpful for the future, though, or for a different purpose. :slight_smile: