Inspector footnotes and links

Unfortunately, I have (to have) A LOT of footnotes in my text. since some of them at the moment refer to chapters still to be written, I would like to insert something like a Scrivener link to the appropriate chapter. I know how to do this in the main text body, but is there a way to use this function in footnotes as well?
For some reason, as much as I like Scrivener, I find he inspector footnotes somehwat awkward to deal with (no complaint, just a note).

I couldn’t find a way to do it either, unfortunately.

But, do you have to use Inspector Footnotes for those specific notes at this early stage?

Inline footnotes allow you use internal links, and there is no problem mixing inline and inspector footnotes and comments in the same document: they’ll be coordinated in the final compiled document.

At a later stage when you don’t need the internal links, you can always convert the inline footnotes to their Inspector equivalents (although personally I don’t think I’d bother…) with Format > Convert > Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes, but don’t do this if you still want the links to work afterwards. (The blue underline formatting is retained, but they are no longer active links).



Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:
And thanks for your suggestion regarding the inline comments, but I think that won’t work for me personally. I don’t want them to be in the text because I’d feel compelled to “do something” with them, whereas as Inspector footnotes, they are safely out of the way. But that is of course a matter of personal preferences and brain workings, otherwise I think your idea offers a good alternative :slight_smile:

No problem…

You can change the colour of the bubble to be less intrusive if you want, if that helps a bit?