Inspector Footnotes cannot be exported as footnotes, only endnotes

Do I have it correct that in the Windows 3.0 Beta, it is not possible to export inspector footnotes as footnotes in Word (that is, on the bottom of the page on which the note occurs) but only as endnotes?


When you first open the beta it should tell you both what version you have as with for how long its active: Beta .23 ends on the 30th of September while .24 will end on 31 Oct.

Also if you click on the check for updates it will also notify you if there is an update as well and ask if you want to download and install.

Can confirm: when compiling to .ODT format, Beta 24 exports footnotes as endnotes. I am sure it is a fresh bug as there was no any problem in Beta 23 with the same settings.

Wonder if this is related: [LH4025] Need help - can't get compiler to export footnotes as endnotes - except it was going the other way.

I only noticed this with beta 24. So if it used to work, then this is a regression.

It definitely worked in Beta 23.

Might be.

I hope this is not intentional.

This is regression, which has been fixed and will be available in the next update.