Inspector footnotes counted in outliner

I really really wish for an option in Outliner to include inspector comments in its wordcount.
I make do with looking at individual documents and folders and ‘hover’, but when you are working on a large piece of writing with clear word restrictions, it would be really great to see the overall, precise structure in the otherwise brilliantly useful Outliner :wink:

Inline annotations and footnotes might be a better choice if these are important to have counted at all times. For performance reasons, linked notes cannot be counted, they are not stored in the same file as the main text.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:. While I do prefer Scrivener to perform as lovely as it does and hence understand the reason for the footnotes not to be counted, I definitely can’t work with with inline footnotes in my discipline (requiring extensive footnotes). Hence, as with Santa’s Wish List, I do understand that I may not get the pony, but I am still wishing for it :slight_smile:

It should be noted that the “slow” counter, with Project/Project Statistics… will read footnote content into the word count by default. The real-time counters, such as in the footer bar and outliner, are always going to be a little “fuzzy”, not just for footnotes. They don’t exclude material not include in the draft, etc. So whenever you need to know the word count with precision, you should be using that tool anyway.