Inspector footnotes don't always save

This is an odd, intermitent problem I’m having. I create an “inspector footnot” (i.e. so that it appears in Scrivener’s right-hand panel, not inline), and usually paste a reference from Endnote. Add a page number. Everything looks fine. I go back to editing my text, go to insert another footnote a few minutes later and the previous one is blank (see screenshot).

This doesn’t always happen and I can’t see a pattern to when it does. Has anyone else noticed this and, if so, is there an easy way to stop it so that I don’t have to do each footnote twice?

Thanks, Jim

I have experienced something similar in the past and reported a bug. It was supposedly fixed on version 1.7.3. See this post, it’s on the first line of the “Bugs fixed” section.

Are you running the last released version?

Thanks: I have Windows version so I will try the update and see if that fixes it. Jim