Inspector footnotes double spaced. Can't kill.

Footnotes in the Inspector (using Optima) appear double-spaced. I cannot kill this. Making a new project and pasting using CMD-OPT-SHIFT-V still won’t do the trick. Is this supposed to be a feature? I think most people are used to viewing footnotes that are single-spaced and compact.


No, they don’t use double-spacing.

What I mean is that the spacing in the footnote text field in the Inspector is greater spacing than single. I mentioned Optima because, in that case, the increased spacing is most exaggerated.

In your code, perhaps, you did not specify double-spacing per se. But, in actual fact, the spacing in the footnote text field is greatly increased. Would it be possible to check the line-height or leading settings in your code? I imagine that the whole footnote text field has inherited a high leading magnitude, perhaps by default.

As a test, just compare 12 point Optima in the main text window with 12 point Optima in the footnote text field in the Inspector and you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks so much! I love your product.

I do agree, the line spacing isn’t single spaced; it seems to be around 1.3x. It’s definitely not 1.0x, nor 2.0x for that matter though. Here is a screenshot:

This was created by pasting the same text thrice. All text is Optima 10pt to match the default footnote styling. The footnote was pasted with Paste & Match Style, and the other two paragraphs were then independently set to 1.0x and 2.0x line spacing for comparison.

I think the 1.0x is a little hard to read though, I’m not sure if that would be a sensible default.

Sorry, I meant to reply further to this. Actually it is 1.0 line spacing, but it uses the typography system that is standard for controls rather than the typography system used for text views. The standard line spacing is different for controls than for text views. I looked at the code and that’s the sole difference. If you copy and paste the text from the inspector into the text view, you will see that it actually is single-spaced - the formatting doesn’t get changed on paste, it’s just the layout system that’s different. The font used makes a difference, though - try changing the index card font to Optima 10pt and you’ll see the line spacing is the same there, too. So you could just change the inspector to use a different font, or a larger font.

The reason it - and other controls - uses a different typography system, by the way, is so that it can match Cocoa’s text drawing methods. When you’re not editing the text in the inspector comments, for speed the editor is completely removed and the text is just drawn - only when you click in it does the editor get inserted. Cocoa’s text drawing methods use this line spacing, so the editor has to use the same spacing to match.

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