Inspector general notes

I am trying out the trial of Scrivener for Mac and I ran into an issue. It might not be possible, but is there an option to have the compose inspector show project notes (general)? Currently it only shows notes for each chapter and at times I find it easier to have access to my general notes while writing.

I know that I can go to the toolbar on the bottom of the screen and use the goto button, but I find the inspector to be much more convenient.


Try Cmd-6.

I use it all the time and still had to think about it. :smiley:

Hope that helps.


You can also just click on the Document Notes header bar (the part between the note area and the general meta-data section of the inspector) and switch between Doc notes and any of your Project Notes.

Thank you! That worked perfectly. At first I didn’t think it worked and tried command with every number key (even happened to find script mode with cmd-8). Then while looking through the inspector again I noticed the general notes.

FYI to others: Nothing will look different, the top of the Inspector will still say the chapter name and nothing changes on the screen. However if you look through the drop down box, it will now have the general notes. I actually question myself if I missed it completely the first few times looking through. I just wanted to mention that incase there are others as impatient as me. :blush: Oh, and those same notes will remain there regardless of the chapter.

Thank you again for the help and the quick reply. So far Scrivener is my favorite of the few I tried and the community seems helpful and nice.

Thanks Robert,

I was working on the post when you replied. It is a bit intimidating to write a post on a board with actual professional writers, so I felt the need to proof read and do a feeble attempt to fix any grammar problems. I have never felt that need with youtube…

I will give that a shot too. Thanks again.

Some people are pros. I’m just a hobbyist at this point, so no pressure. No pressure from me, mind you… :wink:

It seems a little odd to me that you don’t see any obvious difference when you switch from document to project notes; in my setup, the colors of the note backgrounds are different (yellow with lines for document notes, slate blue with no lines for project notes). If you go into the preferences, you can change the background colors to make it more obvious which notes you have loaded in the inspector.

There is an obvious difference with the colors of those notes but when I was trying the suggestion it didn’t auto switch to the project notes. I thought it would just pop up or there will be a visual cue but I actually had to look and manually change it to the newly shown project notes from the drop down list.

To be honest, I am not the most observant person. Project notes could have been listed there the whole time and I just never noticed it until after, but I am 99% sure it wasn’t there.