Inspector, General section, created/modified not working

First, I may have made my two previous posts to the wrong area: I placed them under the Windows feed back section. They probably should be here.

Now on to the reason for this post:
I am going trough the tutorial. I got to the section in “Part 1: Basics”, under “Step 5: the inspector”, entitled “5b: General” that talks about the “Created/Modified” drop down. I switched between “Created” and “Modified”. The date stayed 10/21/2010.

I figured maybe it was because I hadn’t modified this particular document, so I went to one I had changed to see. The changes were still there I had made last time, even though I had closed the program forgetting to save. Changing between “Created” and “Modified” still had no effect.

I went back to “5b: General” and typed “test”, then went to File>Save, and saved the project. Still no change in the date when switching between the two options. I had read that someone had to backup when saving for some reason (I don’t remember the original post), so I created a backup (checking the zipped file check box, don’t know if that makes a difference). Still no change in the date.

Is this feature working, or still under construction?

Thanks, Lunarclipper

One other thing I noticed: Most programs do something to show the program is saving. (yes, this is the name of the application, and the site. It is an open source software sweet similar to MS Office) has the status bar double as a “save progress” bar: filling with green as the save progresses, then returning to status bar function when the save is complete. Other programs pop up a “save progress bar” dialog box of some kind.

Scrivener lacks this. When I tell it to save, there is no indication it is doing anything. It could be saving, or it could have tuned me out like my teenagers, or be plotting the take over of the world, or have hung for all the indication it gives me.

The point is, when I tell other software to save, I have immediate confirmation that the save is actually happening. I know this does not seem like much, but it does bring peace of mind in today’s world of high tech that doesn’t always work.

It would also let us know that the Scrivener is actually saving the project when we select File>Save, or ctrl-s, when we come across an issue that is affected by the save function (such as the date displayed by the Created/Modified field).

Sorry, forgot to mention which version of Windows I am using. I am using Windows XP Professional (can’t remember how to find out the specifics, like which service pack, ect.) And this was in Scrivener Beta 1.5

Still not working in Beta 1.6

Thanks, Lunarclipper