Sorry if this has been asked or answered somewhere else.
I have just started using Scrivener, and I use a lot of footnotes for my type of writing/work.

At times, I need to go back to a footnote and add material or read again what I have written.
Is there a way for the clicked footnote to be highlighted IN more clearly in the inspector? It is hard to see which exact footnote is being indicated.

I hope my question is clear. Thank you.

I’m operating on the assumption that you’re referring to the heavy outline around a selected Inspector footnote. The only way I know of to affect this is by changing the system highlight colour.

  • Open the System Preferences app.
  • Click on the General pane.
  • Click on the Highlight Colour drop down menu.
  • Try different highlight colours to see if any works for you. Personally, I find the “purple” option quite assertive and visible when others are not.
  • If none of the default highlight colours is assertive enough, you can click on “Other…” and create any colour you like in the Colour Picker dialog.

Be aware that this will affect ALL apps on your Mac, including (possibly) Scrivener’s text selection colour.

Hope this helps!