Inspector HUD changing position on return to Full Screen

Hi - this is a minor issue, but I don’t see that any one has reported it yet.

Setup: V2.0 build 6076. OS X 10.6.5. Mac Pro. Dual screen.

Reproducing issue:

In full screen, use the key board shortcuts (e.g. Ctl-Opt-Cmd-H once or twice) to bring up the notes HUD and get focus in the panel. Place the HUD to one side of the screen.

Return the focus to full screen mode by hitting Opt-Cmd-F twice. The panel usually (not always but most of the time) changes position to obscure the text.

Exit Full Screen and back again (Opt-Cmd-F twice) and the panel is back in the position you put it in!

BTW, exiting from the HUD using ESC then Opt-Cmd-F to get back into FS mode works as expected. It just seems to happen when you use the O-C-F combination twice. It doesn’t seem to matter which element of the HUD you use.

I know there are acceptable workarounds for this (and I know I could just use the mouse…) and it is obviously very minor, but I thought it was worth reporting.

(Of course, it may be that I’m missing a dedicated shortcut to get back to FS mode from the HUD, in which case I apologise, but I couldn’t find it in the manual)

Many thanks once again for an excellent program!



I’ve noticed this myself and it’s already on the list for fixing - although it only seems to happen when you exit and re-enter full screen quickly, as you describe, which most users won’t really do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Ah, so it’s not just me then…

The rapid switching is only because I don’t like having to use the mouse for anything if I don’t have to, and as Scrivener is way above most other programs in allowings users to avoid the mouse, I’m already way in credit in that respect and I’m not complaining!

(I suppose adding vim-compatibility to the editor is coming in version 10? :smiley:)

Many thanks again


You can use the ctrl-arrow shortcut to switch back to the main editor from the HUD without leaving full screen, although that will be trumped by Spaces should you happen to have the same shortcut for that, in which case you might want to change one of them. Also if you’re in the comments pane of the inspector, you can hit escape to jump back to the main editor without losing full screen.

Thanks for the comments, but unfortunately, for me ctrl-arrow only works when you’re in the Comments HUD, not in Synopsis or Document Notes. And it only works then if you don’t have input focus on the Comments text – ie if all you want to do is scroll through the existing comments, then fine, but if you’re adding a new comment, or editing an old one, ctrl arrow is beginning / end of line.

Esc from Comments does work, however. Esc from the other HUD elements takes you back to the main editor.

This is only a very minor issue though. Keith has said he’s going to fix it in 2.01. (I have only the vaguest idea of how these things are done, but I presume he intends to unplug the Esc hose from the HUD tap/faucet and reconnect it directly to the Full Screen tank?)

Many thanks.


I was talking about fixing the behaviour where the inspector will change position - I’m not going to change the Esc behaviour.

It’s cmd-tab to switch between the inspector and main editor, not cmd-arrow, by the way.

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Thanks for the reminder Keith. I did know that really but got a bit sidetracked - didn’t mean to misrepresent what you’d written.

Actually, the ctl-tab (not cmd-tab) shortcut is exactly what I was looking for in my original post, so hopefully I won’t come across the bug again as I was only opt-cmd-Fing twice because I didn’t know that shortcut…

Many thanks again


Did I say that? I didn’t say that. If I’d’ve said that, I’d’ve been wrong. :wink:

The hilarious part is that I could’ve sworn I even tried it. Oh well, Fridays. Can’t trust 'em. Sorry about that.

David - glad that helped. Yes ctrl-tab was put in there especially for this.

MimeticMouton - argh, I went and got the modifier key wrong anyway, I blame a Sunday morning hangover. :slight_smile:

Heh. I just wanted to use that movie quote (Did I say that?). Fortunately David figured it all out, because he reads menus. :slight_smile:

I think I missed the movie quote!

I’ve fixed the moving inspector bug for 2.0.1, by the way. It turns out that if you exited and re-entered full screen really quickly, then the internal save data used by OS X to save and restore the position may still be in use by the old panel (because full screen gets recreated each time). So I just made sure the old panel stops using that data before it disappears. Uh, that probably made no sense, but trust me, it worked. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Excellent… Thanks very much, Keith.

MM - yes, I like reading menus… only because it’s the quickest way of learning the shortcuts so I never have to read the menus…


Joe Versus the Volcano. The boss has an extended conversation over the phone repeating nothing but a stock set of lines (among them, “Did I say that?” etc.). It’s fabulous. :wink: