Inspector notecards

Is there a way to generate a summary of the document from the descriptions on the notecards? The corkboard is great, but sometimes my descriptions of a section get too long to see. Plus I do need to create a chapter-by-chapter summary; do I have to do that as a separate segement under Draft?

Have you tried increasing the height of the cards? As for fractal summaries, you can type into the index cards in folders too, so if you have ten scenes in a chapter, say, and each of those scenes has a summary, you can step back up to the Draft level and view all of the chapters as index cards as well—just type in your summary there. So basically just think of Scrivener as letting you summarise right in the outline itself, in parallel with the text and the containers that hold those texts.

A good way to get a big overview of everything at multiple levels is to use the Outliner, which also might help you out a bit on the length issue, too, since that will word wrap to show the entire summary.

One other thing you could consider if you large summaries are just too unwieldy for the cards is to keep the cards short—down to a sentence or two, and put your longer summary in the Notes field. Other people will put longer full-chapter summaries into their own file, and then just check off the “Include in Draft” option so it doesn’t get compiled in with the book. An example might look like:

     Chapter 10
          Notes for chapter 10
          scene 38
          scene 39

Where all of that is checked off for compile except for the file named “Notes for chapter 10”. The advantage of this method is that your notes will show up in Scrivenings mode when viewing that chapter. You can even use a different font to help set them apart.

Just some ideas.

Thanks; that will help enormously. But the real problem isn’t just displaying; it’s generating a summary that I can pass on to my editor. It’d be easiest to get it from the notecards, because they follow the scenes and sections whenever I move them around, so I only have to move one thing, but using “Notes on Chapter” pages will work to do that as long as I’m careful to move the notes when I move each scene/section/chapter. Then I can print the summary by just checking those pages.

Thanks loads.