Inspector notes: Foot & document


  • When I Shift-F5 to open another Inspector footnote, when there are already enough notes present to generate a scrollbar, that next note is opened below the visible extent of the Inspector, off-screen: Although the note is revealed when I start typing (the cursor already planted in it), it is a bit unsettling relying on the operation.
    Might the note stack be scrolled upward to reveal the new note?

  • (Ctrl-Tab is going away :question: but) When I am in a right editor with both editors open, then click into the Inspector’s view of Project/Document Notes, it would be ‘nice’ were ‘Esc’ (instead of Ctrl-Tab) to take me back into the editor I had been — Ctrl-Tab takes me to the left editor.
    (A keystroke way into the Notes would also be of use to me. :wink: )

Yup, that should be scrolling the new note into view, good catch.

On the latter point we would like to add more default navigation to the Windows version in the future, but it is difficult with the number of shortcuts that already exist, to find space for more. As you’ve noted elsewhere, we already use chorded shortcuts to try and get beyond the limitations.

But, do know we have designs for it, and in fact the menu hooks are already there. You might be able to add your own shortcuts to them in options: look in the View menu for “Move Focus To” and the “Inspect” sub-menus (not around a PC to check). Collectively those will get your cursor to just about every major sub-component of the project window (they are documented in the menu appendix), and if you cannot add shortcuts, at the least you can Alt,v,etc.

The way the Inspector shortcuts should work is to move the cursor if the pane can be seen. Otherwise the cursor isn’t moved but the pane is revealed (opening the the Inspector if necessary). So if you made Document Notes Ctrl-F6 and you’d been working in Comments & Footnotes, you’d press it twice to start typing in a note.