Inspector opens on PDF, freezes, deleting it crashes program

Windows 7, Scrivener version 022

I open a project begun in the immediately previous version of scrivener (021,yes?). It contains a .pdf file (“vita”). When I open the project in 022, the binder selection is on the first document (a text document in the folder “paper”) and that document appears in the editor. However, the Inspector window is on the pdf document (“vita”).

In the Binder, I move the selector around and the edit window changes accordingly. The Inspector window does not change at all.

I move the “vita” file to the trash. I empty the trash. The program crashes (not freeze…windows notifies me it is closing the program).

I reopen the project. The inspector now will show no document information. There is only one area in the Inspector, and the only icons at the bottom of the inspector area are “project notes” and “project references” on the left and the padlock on the right.

If I put the editor into corkboard mode, I see my synopses on the index cards. When I put the editor into the outliner mode, all of the metadata seems intact.

When I open a DIFFERENT project that also has .pdfs, and the synopsis window behaves normally, even when I select the .pdf. So the problem does not replicate.

Why the difference? Perhaps when I closed the first project (in ver 021), the selector was on the .pdf.


An update: I completely uninstalled Scrivener (all program files and all windows registry entries), using a third-party file remover tool. I reinstalled 022. The problem with the inspector window remains, again only for that single project I describe above.


Update – I open the project that crashes, the Inspector does not change, as before. I implement the split screen (horizontal) for editing and change the view of one of the screens to the corkboard. The inspector now changes as expected, from document to document. Remains working normally even when i remove the split screen.


Hi Michele,

There does seem to be some bug with the inspector getting “stuck” on some documents; it has happened to others as well, just on regular documents, although as you noted switching into and out of split screen seems to help unfreeze it. I don’t think there’s been any mention of a relation between the inspector issue and PDFs or the program crashing, so that crash you experienced is likely a separate issue. (Others have experienced some crashing, so it may all be one lurking bug.)

That doesn’t exactly help you, I know, but I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. Also if you do happen to come across any other specific way of replicating the crash (or always making the inspector stick, since at this point it seems like it just “sometimes happens” possibly in relation to the split) do share it!