Inspector Pane Causes Scrivener Screen to Become Too Long


New to Scrivener. Just learning it. Here’s what I found. I work on a laptop, Windows 7. The notes below hinge on NOT working in full-screen (Maximize) mode. I prefer not to work in Maximzie mode. (I like a desktop border around my current open app.) Here’s what I did:

  1. Opened Scrivener. In the default view, the Inspector pane is open.
  2. Noticed that the Scrivener screen is longer than my laptop screen i.e. can’t see the footer.
  3. Tried to resize the window so window “shorter” by grabbing at the upper right corner. Didn’t work.
  4. Experimenting: Can only grab and change width of Scrivener window. Can’t change the height.
  5. Closed the Inspector pane.
  6. Now I can resize the Scrivener window so that it’s not too long for my laptop screen. That is, now grabbing at the upper corners or the top work to shorten the screen.
  7. With Scrivener resized so I can see the footer (but not Maximize mode remember), I open the Inspector pane.
  8. Scrivener returns to original too-long length, with footer off the bottom of my laptop screen, and once again can’t grab to shorten Scrivener window.

RESULT: If I want to use the Inspector pane (and see the footer), I have to work in Maximize mode. Scrivener doesn’t give me the choice.

How big is your screen size? The Inspector is set to be 700px long. For the final release it might be set to a smaller size but I’m fuzzy on if that’s been done or needs doing or is even still something that will be done.

My screen resolution is set to 1366 x 768, recommended for this laptop…Thanks.