Inspector Panel Buttons not showing


Why is it that some folders are showing more Inspector Panel Buttons than other folders?

Is there any method to ADD panel buttons?

Could it be the “folders” are some other type of file? In Scrivener you can nest PDF files inside of other PDF files for example, making the PDF act a bit like a “folder”—but since it isn’t a regular text item folder it will lack some of the additional capabilities like snapshots and footnotes/comments.

I decided, for this particular project, to create a new project using the Non Fiction (Sub-Heads) project template. Upon doing so, a Manuscript folder was generated.

The Manuscript folder (also the Research and Trash folders) only have the Notes and References buttons showing in the Inspector.

I have added my own folders, and all the panel buttons are displaying and accessible.

Ah, of course, I should have mentioned those as well. The three special root folders are unlike all other elements in the binder. They are more like permanent dividers. They don’t have metadata like synopses, or keywords, they just have a title (that you can change). So there are no relevant inspector panels to display other than those two tabs that display project-wide information.

The other folders you added will have full capabilities available to them—they are in fact text files that act like folders, and so have all the same tabs a section of text would.

Thanks for clarification.

Additionally: Are the root folders able to be created manually - or - are they Scrivener template specific?

Also, if you don’t mind, some further clarification - What is the purpose (or Scrivener intended purpose) of a “root” folder?

Sorry. I answered my own question. I found an explanation in the Scrivener Help manual. Thanks for your help.