inspector questions

Again - not sure yet if these are questions or feature requests, but let’s see.

  1. Is it possible to resize the panes in the pane of the inspector that holds SYNOPSIS, GENERAL and NOTES? I know I can collapse them but I would like to be able to make more room for the synopsis (some of mine are longer than the little window allowed) and I am happy to have less room for notes as I use this mainly for transient things.

  2. Is it possible to FLOAT panes from the inspector, specifically the COMMENTS pane? I use both COMMENTS and DOCUMENT NOTES for things I want to be able to see as I am redrafting. So far I have found I can float an editor window, split it into two panes, and drag the division of the two panes up to expose the notes. But I feel I ought to be able to just float out the comments panel with a click, as I can (wonderfully!) for PROJECT NOTES, with ‘manage project notes’.

Still loving Scrivener! And the timely and helpful forum moderation …

  1. Unfortunately no, and really there is no amazingly profound reason for this beyond technical problems. It’s really difficult to program with independently sized panes on a Mac because it doesn’t do a good job of handling the integrity of the internal pieces when you resize the pane (and in general it is just kind of a pain to work with panes, given how the development toolkit is designed). Buttons and other such things can break or disappear and require a restart. So, even just having the three major Binder-Editor A/Editor B-Inspector panels is a massive pain from what I hear. Given how detailed and complicated the interior pieces of the inspector panes are, it makes the integrity problem a large one. Do note you can increase the width of the inspector, and thus making the “card” overall larger.
  2. It sounds like you’ve already found the solution, using Quick Reference panels. I don’t think having a second feature, Quick Inspector (?) would be helpful enough to most people to warrant adding all of the interface and extra complexity it would take to handle this.