Inspector Selection Panel Icons disconnected

I noticed the that the row of selective icons were detached from the place where they are supposed to be, as shown on the screenshot below.
I noticed it a few times now and have developed a theory on why that is. When I have done my work for the day, I close my project, with the inspector usually still open, and put my macbook to sleep. I do not fully power it off due to some devices connected to it. The next day, I open my project directly from the dock with a right-click on the Scrivener icon. Now the icons are out of place, though they are fully functional where they are.
The problem can easily be solved by closing the project and opening it agian from the “Project Templates” Hub via the “Open Recent” list. If I open it via the context menu of the dock, the icons stay out of place.
However, the problem stays solved once it has opened correctly and I could only recreate it a day later or so.
I could not experiment further, because the problem seems to only occur when the Macbook has spend a certain amount of time in sleep mode, usually a few hours or a night. When I tested it with a few minutes in sleep mode, the problem did not occur.

What version of Scrivener do you have, please, and with which version of Mac OS?

If Scrivener is fully closed, it shouldn’t matter where you open it from. However, do you have an external monitor or a second screen? If the display environment changes while Scrivener is closed, it may need to “adjust” to the new situation when it reopens.


Sorry, I forgot the essentials. :blush:

Mac OS: 11.1
Scrivener: 3.2.1

I do use Scrivener on a second screen in combination with a macbook. Your guess makes sense, I will disconnect it for tomorrows wake-up-from-sleep and check if it opens correctly then.

Maybe I was wrong to notice a difference in the different ways of opening Scrivener. I will try again over the days.

The order of operations may matter.

If you wake up the Macbook and launch the project from the Dock in quick succession, the second screen may reconnect while Scrivener is in the process of launching. If you wake up the Macbook, then launch Scrivener, then open the project, the extra time might mean that the second screen is fully initialized and ready to go by the time the project is ready to display.


Okay, I can confirm both assumptions.
The icons display correctly when opened on the original macbook, regardless of the order of operations.
They also display correctly on the second screen when Scrivener is opened first, then the project.

Problem solved.
Thanks alot.

Even though I’m sure I will encounter this a few more times as it has become somewhat of a routine to jump right into the project on my second screen. But now I know why :smiley: