Inspector showing comments in different colours

A short thread to say that I love the ability to convert inspector footnotes into comments, and then compile with comments stripped out but footnotes retained. I write academic non-fiction, and use footnotes a lot. For my latest project, I want to cite sources, add extra info, etc, as I write, and I usually do in footnotes.

But the end result of my current project requires citations only for direct quotes. Being able to mark the non-quote citations as comments, and then compile with only inspector footnotes included (and compiled as endnotes to boot) is the perfect solution. Being able to distinguish between footnotes and comments in the inspector is such a smart feature, and the added ability to compile with one or both excluded is the cherry on top - I love it.


Adding to this with a query. When I create an Inspector comment using the command Insert > Comment (or its keyboard shortcut), it appears in the Inspector with one colour. When I right click-on a pre-existing Inspector Footnote and select Convert to Comment, that comment then has a different colour to the previous example. I’m not sure why this should be happening, any ideas? Screen shot attached to show the difference. Purely cosmetic, I think, but I find it a little distracting.

(I’ve edited this thread’s original title)

Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 11.14.04

@AmberV, would you have any ideas on this? It’s probably just a simply preference that I haven’t configured correctly. It impacts on the colour of the text anchor as well, and is even more distracting now that I’ve noticed!

Footnotes do not have an underlying colour to them, so for the purposes of selecting a colour when you convert them to comments, it follows the same rules as comment creation in general: use the last colour you selected yourself (or yellow if you never have). That specifically has potentially nothing to do with any of the comments around the footnotes you converted, they may have been created some time ago and since then you’ve started using another colour. So we would expect to see three blue comments and one orange comment, if we follow this sequence of events:

  1. In a fresh new project, create a new footnote.
  2. Create a new comment and change its colour to orange.
  3. Create another footnote.
  4. Create another comment, and change its colour to blue.
  5. Select the two footnotes, right-click and convert them to comments.

They are blue, because that is the last colour we chose when adjusting comments, in step 4.

Thanks Ioa, I’ve created a brand new project and followed the steps above precisely. Here is the result:

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 22.38.09

The two footnotes I converted to comments in step 5 are definitely not the same blue as the comment I changed to blue in step 4! Is there a setting that I may have inadvertently messed around? I’ve dug through preferences but I can’t see where I might be going wrong with this.

I wonder if this is a bug that is present in a certain version of macOS? I was testing on macOS 11, for frame of reference.

At any rate can you not change the colour of these comments that come out grey? That should at least help in the meanwhile, unless for some reason that doesn’t work.

I’m on macOS 11.6.4, that might well be a factor. And yes, I can indeed just change the comments to blue, that’s easily done. I’m just looking at a project that has a lot of inspector footnotes that I’m going to convert to comments, so I was looking to make one less step for myself :grinning:

Thanks for looking into it for me!